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Equipment Leasing Glossary of Terms Advanced lease payment(s), Bargain renewal option, Captive leasing company, Closed-end lease, Deferred payment lease, Dollar buyout, Effective lease rate, Estimated residual value, Estimated useful life, Fair market value option, Finance lease, Lease rate (monthly payment), Lease rate factor, Lease term, Leasing line, Lessee, Lessor, Level payments, Net lease, Non-payout lease, Open-end lease, Operating lease, Platinum lease, Purchase option, Renewal option, Residual value, Sale-lease back, Skip lease, Step-up lease, Tax lease, Term, True Lease, Vendor program

Equipment Leasing Glossary of Terms

There are many terms related to equipment leasing. It can get very confusing. For example, what is the difference between a finance lease, an open-end lease and a non-payout lease? Let Huddle Business Capital help explain the difference between these terms

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