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Your Equipment Financing Company

Your Equipment Financing Company

Business equipment financing has specific advantages over other types of financing or purchasing with cash that can be crucial to your company’s success:

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Finance new & Used Equipment X  
Now Down Payment X  
Few Limitations on Equipment X  
Same day Approvals X  
No payments for 90 days X  

The term and payment of the equipment lease are fixed once the lease is approved. You know exactly what your payment will be every month and can better forecast your cash flow.

Additionally, payments can be adjusted by lengthening or shortening the term of the lease; significant sales tax and installation charges can be added into the lease financing; in most cases, the full amount of each lease payment is deductible for tax purposes and choosing a residual based or fair market value lease transfers some of the risk of holding onto obsolete equipment.

*Consult your tax advisor to make sure the type of equipment lease you are entering into allows for a tax benefit.


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